PIRK'A Arquitectos was founded on July 3, 2015 in Lima, Peru by José Luis Fernández.

The office confronts academic theory and practice with design and construction. Likewise, it takes as fundamental premises to develop a coherent integral project: creative diversity, dialogue with the client, the program and the context.

The office firmly believes in the teamwork that it develops together with the specialists and with the client. Large projects require complex and well-integrated teams, with a technical rigor that allows the construction processes to be an essential continuation of the project process.

The office takes the meaning of the name from the Peruvian cultural past. PIRK'A means in the Inka / Quechua language: Wall. Each letter has a meaning.

P (Perú)

I (Inka)

R (Rikhuna_Perspectiva)

K (Kawsaykuna_Pluricultural)

A (Arquitectura)

Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona

Higher Technical School of Architecture of Barcelona